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PUSH&PULL Postcard


PUSH&PULL Fact Sheets

  • Parking Policy and the implementation of the core funding mechanism in:
    • Gent, Belgium PDF: EN -- NL
    • Nottingham, UK PDF: EN
    • Tarragona, Spain PDF: EN
    • Örebro, Sweden PDF: EN -- SE
    • Iasi, Romainia PDF: EN

Catalogue of mobility management measures

Catalogue of parking management solutions


PUSH&PULL Project Brochure

available at 01/2017

PUSH&PULL Video Clips

The PUSH&PULL Core Funding Mechanism

Brochure on 16 good reasons for parking management

Extended versions of selected arguments of good reasons for parking management

  • 1 - PM is key to managing urban mobility - EN
  • 4 - PM leads to less park search traffic - EN
  • 8 - PM will not kill your high street - it will support the local economy - EN
  • 10 - PM won't stop companies investing in your city - EN
  • 14 - Parking standards can have a positive impact on housing and other real estate projects - EN