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Dissemination products

PUSH&PULL Final Report (Project Brochure)

PUSH&PULL Video Clips

The PUSH&PULL Core Funding Mechanism

Project presentation

PUSH&PULL Postcard


Catalogue of mobility management measures

Catalogue of parking management solutions

Brochure on 16 good reasons for parking management

Extended versions of selected arguments of good reasons for parking management

  • 1 - PM is key to managing urban mobility - EN
  • 4 - PM leads to less park search traffic - EN
  • 8 - PM will not kill your high street - it will support the local economy - EN
  • 10 - PM won't stop companies investing in your city - EN
  • 14 - Parking standards can have a positive impact on housing and other real estate projects - EN


PUSH&PULL Fact Sheets

  • Parking Policy and the implementation of the core funding mechanism in:
    • Gent, Belgium PDF: EN -- NL
    • Kraków, Poland PDF: EN -- PL
    • Bacău, Romania PDF: EN -- RO
    • Iași, Romania PDF: EN -- RO
    • Ljubljana, Slovenia PDF: EN -- SI
    • Tarragona, Spain PDF: EN -- ES
    • Örebro, Sweden PDF: EN -- SE
    • Nottingham, UK PDF: EN

Training Materials

  1. Setting the framework for parking policy
  2. Parking and Mobility Management
  3. Parking, retail and urban economic development
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Parking standards
  6. Parking and new mobility and societal trends
  7. Parking Enforcement