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PUSH & PULL (also known as carrot and stick approach) is an idiom that refers to a policy of offering a combination of rewards / incentives and punishment to induce behavior.

The project aimed to improve urban mobility by means of parking space management combined with mobility management (MM) measures. By introducing paid parking, increasing parking fees, reducing or restraining parking supply or implementing comparable measures, car drivers were pushed to use more sustainable transport. At the same time, (parts of) the income generated from parking space management are used for incentives to promote alternatives, thus pulling or attracting users towards public transport, walking, cycling and other sustainable modes which is the “core-funding mechanism”.

The project included implementations in 8 cities / locations which incl. measures of parking space management and mobility management. All implementers but one set up and implemented the core-funding mechanism to use money gained from parking to finance mobility management. Due to contractual problems the implementation of the core-funding mechanism in Iasi was only designed and prepared but the implementation is still pending.