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Curriculum & materials

PUSH & PULL produced and collected training materials which are based on the general ideas developed in PUSH & PULL as well as the conclusions drawn from PUSH & PULL implementations in the eight cities / sites. The materials were designed so that they are applicable to a wider audience and can be integrated (as a whole or in part) into existing courses / training materials.The materials were used during the national training events and evaluated. A summary of the most important findings and results of the implementation of PUSH & PULL measures in eight European sites / cities have been translated into 16 languages.

  • Planspiel
    The Planspiel is essentially a role play that established the principles on which parking management in an area will then be developed and implemented; the participants are representatives of various interest groups and other stakeholders affected by or with an interest in the proposals.The aim of this approachis to assist interested authorities with the preparation of their own concept and implementation of parking space management.

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Training Materials

  1. Setting the framework for parking policy
  2. Parking and Mobility Management
  3. Parking, retail and urban economic development
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Parking standards
  6. Parking and new mobility and societal trends
  7. Parking Enforcement