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Catalogue of proven mobility measures

Based upon the needs of the PUSH&PULL implementation Cities and sites a collection of good practice measures to encourage cycling, walking, car pooling and public transport use is provided. The main criteria for the selection of these measures are
•    Easy to implement
•    Highly effective and efficient
•    High acceptance

These PULL-measures are mainly focusing on mobility management.

Download the whole catalogue here or single measures descriptions from the catalogue below.

C01_Agilent Technologies Workplace MM.pdf
C02_The _Anton Paar_ in motion programme.pdf
C03_Road safety Campaign in Brighton and Hove.pdf
C04_No ridiculous car trips.pdf
C05_Experience Public Transport.pdf
C06_Safe routes to school.pdf
C07_Promoting Park and Ride.pdf
C08_Promoting Park and Ride in Rotterdam.pdf
C09_Munich Dialogue Marketing Campaign for New Residents.pdf
C10_Green Mobility Zone.pdf
C11_Cycling training for people newly arrived in a country and or from an ethnic minority.pdf
C12_Independent Mobility_But Safe! Experience Integration by Cycling.pdf
C13_Transfer of Physical Activity into Everydays Routine.pdf
C14_Pedelecs as a part of sustainable mobility for senior citizens.pdf