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Municipality of Bacau



Country:  Romania
City:  Bacau
Number of inhabitants:   144,307 (year 2011)
 Area: 43.2 km2
 Population density:   3,494/km2


Bacau city is located in the central part of the Romanian region of Moldova, 9km upstream the Siret-Bistriţa confl uence. Also known as “Bacovia’s city”, Bacău is the third biggest city in this region, having an area of 43km² and a population of approximately 145,000 (2011 census). The city is crossed by the European roads E 85 and E 57, connecting it to Bucharest, to the Northern side of the country, and to Transylvania.
According to data from the Traffic Police, the number of vehicles registered and used for family transport increased in 2015 to 45,000 vehicles, compared to 2008 (38,690 vehicles). The number of passengers transported by local public transport in Bacău decreased in 2015 to 8,729,000 passengers compared to 2010, when 11,809,000 passengers were transported.(Source: National Institute of Statistics).
In particular, along the main North-South connection, the intense car traffic causes congestion on roads and in parking areas.



Extension of the controlled parking zone to cover the whole inner city The objective of this measure is to reduce car traffic in the inner city of Bacău by 10%.This has an effect on residents, customers, shop keepers, (car) commuters. This measure increased
the enforcement for parking lots, parking spaces were transformed from free parking spaces into paid ones, and the fees
were raised in these areas in order to discourage citizens to use private cars especially in the inner city.
The implementing of the concept of residential parking permits has been prepared and finally received political approval. It will be implemented in early 2017 as a direct result of the PUSH&PULL project.


  • Organizing the well-known European Mobility Week event in Bacău.
  • Development of new cycling lanes on the main streets of the city.
  • Pupils & Student tickets - support for Public Transport use.



The core funding mechanism was implemented in Bacău and all the revenues from parking fees and fines go into the local budget
and all the measures we want to implement shall be financed from this budget. One of the two responsible bodies for this core funding
mechanism in Bacau is the local police, which is in charge of collecting the revenues and ensuring parking enforcement. For better
effectiveness and a more visible mechanism, a special department was established under the City Hall administration (Parking Management Department) which is responsible for the parking management and is in charge of this mechanism.



  • The municipality of Bacau has prepared the ground to become a Smart City, by implementing the PUSH&PULL measures.
  • The PUSH&PULL project convinced decision makers that parking management is a must in Bacau.
  • By implementing the PUSH&PULLproject results, Bacău Municipality contributed to the adoption of sustainable measures, in direct connection with the Urban Mobility Plan and the Sustainable Local Development Strategy, both of these documents being developed in Bacău.



  • 100% of Public Transport ticket costs for students are financed with support of parking revenues.
  • The enforcement has increased by 27% since 2015, as reported by the local police about the fi nes, after free parking spaces were transformed into paid parking. 
  • Activities in the European Mobility Week will become a permanent event.

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